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Project title: Raspberry Pi-based eBook server for rural schools in Cambodia Project Description:

What The Raspberry Pi-based eBook server project aims to provide access to a vast library of educational resources for rural schools in Cambodia. The project focuses on using technology as a tool for lifelong learning by leveraging the Raspberry Pi, a small and low-cost computer, to set up an eBook server that provides access to eBooks covering a wide range of subjects and topics.

The project addresses the lack of funding and infrastructure in rural schools, which limits access to educational resources and hinders children’s education and future prospects. The eBook server project aims to bridge this gap by providing rural students with access to the same educational resources available in urban areas, thus helping to level the playing field and provide equal opportunities for all.

Why? The project has several benefits, including fostering a love of learning and encouraging students to pursue their interests and passions. It also helps to reduce the financial burden on schools as traditional books can be expensive, and many schools may not have the budget to purchase a wide range of materials for their students. Additionally, the eBook server can be an excellent tool for teachers as they can access resources and materials for their lessons, and even upload their own materials to share with their students.

How? The project will involve setting up the eBook server in rural schools and training teachers and students on how to use it. The eBook server will be preloaded with eBooks covering a wide range of subjects and topics, including language and literature, science, and mathematics. The project team will work with schools to ensure that the eBook server meets their specific needs and requirements.

The success of the project will be measured by the number of students and teachers using the eBook server, the feedback received from them, and the impact on student learning outcomes. The project team will also conduct regular evaluations to assess the sustainability and scalability