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Life inspiration

Posted on:December 4, 2022 at 03:22 PM

As written by my close friend, Socheata Vong

To those who lose inspiration in life: It is okay to lose inspiration in life sometimes. It will always come back to you. Inspiration can be either luxury or simplicity depending on who you are and what you want.

Get lost sometimes and you will find a way back again. Never embrace positiveness all the time because when negativeness happens to you, you will suffer from it because you don’t prepare yourself to face it. Learn to anticipate negative things and to accept them. That is how you grow as a human being. Never compare yourself to others. Never let anyone cause you troubles and never let anyone solve your own problems.

If you experience disappointments talking to people, talk to the nature instead. Nature gives you the best comfort. Embracing silence in the nature can enrich your mental state and spirituality. Don’t enjoy your success, wealth and fame too much while people around you are striving. Give a hand to them and inspire them to become better.

Life can become fragile any time even if you live in a mansion, fly high in the sky or drive in a motorcade. Don’t rely on an unaccountable government to safeguard your welfare. Look left or right before you come out of your house. Don’t let your bag get stolen or robbed just a few meters outside of your house or on a Tuk-Tuk.

Spend money in your wallet wisely. Buy a ticket for yourself and for your family members to a charity concert or an art gallery which can make your day and can help our artists survive and revive our past’s glorious culture. Give some of your money away to those who are in critical need. Join a social cause when an opportunity arises.

Reading could help you live longer. Reading books for 30 minutes everyday could make you live an average 23 months longer. Exercise yields a positive impact on your life span. An hour of running may add seven hours to your life. Traveling opens up your mind and expands your horizon. Travel to the nearest and to the farthest to understand how other people live their life. Travel into the deep nature to make an intimate connection with our beautiful Mother Earth. These things might sound very simple to you yet they are so priceless that your wealth and fame can never buy them for you.

Don’t look for an external inspiration. Look for it from your within. Your inspiration is defined by you, not by others. Learn to appreciate whatever you have in life.