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  • Camtoonista blog

    As part of my series of Cambodian bloggers on blogging, I run this email interview with the young woman blogger to get to know more about her newly-launched blog Camtoonista, which is a makeup of Cambodia and Cartoonist. Bon Sovathary, Camtoonista blogger I first met Bon Sovathary, a 23-year-old comic artist, on a trip by […]

  • April 03, 2010: Kounila Keo’s video clip that was awarded by the Embassy of the United States in Cambodia in a Video Challenge competition, ‘Democracy Is…’. I got a chance to have a quick interview with both Kounila and Sokchea, who co-produced the video. Tharum: The video has to be very narrative, do you think […]

  • In 2074 in Phnom Penh – to avoid traffic jams or blocked roads, you can fly on a broomstick, like the Nimbus 2000 used in the game of Quidditch by Harry Potter. It’s a reliable mode of transportation with good speed and exceptional handling. Here’s what I offer: I opened a store where people can […]

  • A fantastic talk about how you can leverage Microsoft’s newly acquired LinkedIn, a growing social network site for professionals. As International Managing Editor at LinkedIn, Isabelle is sharing and creating content daily. She has a deep understanding of LinkedIn as a publishing platform and works with top performing LinkedIn Influencers and members across the globe. […]

  • Early this month I got an important call from the U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh inviting me to join half a dozen of bloggers for a trip to Kampong Som province (Sihanoukville). I was told it’s going to be a day-long visit from Phnom Penh the capital city to the beach towns, which includes Koh Kong, […]

  • Happy birthday, Marc

    With Dutch playwright Marc-Jan Trapman Taken by Coco Duivenvoorde in June 1, 2013 in Enschede, Netherlands Marc-Jan Trapman at his backyard in Enschede, Netherlands Three is Company [actually four] Taken by YGRECK SHYU, writer and painter Four is Company; studying actor Yannick, writer and painter Ygreck Shyu, Marc-Jan, and photographer Coco (left to right)