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  • California Gold rush-dot-com-bubble-blockchain-big-bang

    title: Gold Rush, dot-com bubble, blockchain big bang date: 2017-11-12 Currently, I’m on a Telegram chatroom of nearly 40 Cambodian tech folks (less than 10 are active). The discussion is about the potential of blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and among their personal pursuit in mining the next the big thing. This Sunday late afternoon, I came […]

  • big-sister-little-sister-red-sister-china

    title: Three Women at the Heart of Twentieth-Century China metaDescription: date: 2021-09-27 author: Tharum Bun summary: tags: tech updated: 13 October 2021 Jung Chang’s Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China book gave me a glimpse into the history of China and how people lived in the past century. Mao: The Unknown Story is another book […]

  • Bakong cashless Cambodia

    The main selling point of Bakong is a one-single mobile app to rule them all. Local bank transfer via smartphone is possible, yet not free. But Bakong makes it possible for users to receive payments from most, if not all, Cambodian banks for free transfer charges. I spent a few minutes to setup my Bakong […]

  • Amazon Alexa Echo

    title: Amazon, Alexa, & Echo slug: amazon-alexa-echo date: 2018-01-12 The future is here. While I’ve been expecting to get my hands on Google Home Mini, I got this Amazon Echo first. As I’m writing this blog post, this the second day with the Echo (although I prefer to communicate with Alexa more). So the Echo […]

  • campuccino

    title: Campuccino metaDescription: Campuccino date: 2021-12-16 author: Tharum Bun summary: tags: The Interviews A writing aficionado from an early age, Din Darathtey is now the author behind Cambodia’s leading email newsletter, Campuccino. Her fortnightly dispatches provide a roundup of local news sprinkled with witty social commentary. She began writing it while holed up in small-town […]

  • Cambodia’s tech startups

    This blog post Starting up Cambodia is a collection of my writings (including notes and interviews) I wrote over the past years. It’s all about all things technology, digital, startups, Internet, and coffee culture in the heart of the Kingdom of Cambodia. I’m writing a book about startups in Cambodia. Starting up Cambodia Race to […]