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  • AI for Cambodia

    AI for Cambodia

    Update: 26 Feb 2023 If technology were meant to be solving our humanity problems, what if artificial intelligence (AI) will solve some of the most challenging issues facing people in a country like Cambodia? And what are those issues? Let’s think about about these: Fake news Biased  and not so accurate information Better quality information […]

  • Googlers from Cambodia

    Recently, I interviewed Vilayvann Ky, a software engineer at Google in Mountain View. The full story was published just a few days before the recent announcement of the tech company’s largest lay-off. Fortunately, Vilayvann was not affected. Additionally, I discovered through social media comments that the Cambodian woman had done something unusual: when in Cambodia, […]

  • Also known as Louis Cha, Jin Yong is a renowned wuxia novelist. Wuxia refers to martial heroes, as depicted in popular works like Disney’s Mulan or the Hong Kong television series The Condor Heroes. Jin Yong’s works have a widespread reach beyond just Chinese communities, with many people in countries like Cambodia being familiar with […]

  • Starlink for Cambodia?

    Starlink for Cambodia?

    Starlink broadband service, powered by modern satellites in low orbit, provides users with high-speed internet. Recently, after Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister asked the billionaire SpaceX CEO for help via Twitter, Starlink has emerged as a new alternative to fiber-optic internet. With ongoing fighting in Ukrainian cities, there are concerns about potential cyberattacks on critical internet […]

  • I recently had a conversation with Banyan Blogger Mitty Steele. A Cambodian-born American, Mitty is a writer, photographer, and communicator. This is an unedited email interview. It’s a great honor that she accepted my request for this exclusive interview. If you, readers, want to drop her a line, please send it to banyanblog [@] gmail […]

  • How to use ChatGPT in Cambodia I understand that you are interested in using ChatGPT in Cambodia, but the registration process is currently not available for users in your region. However, I can provide some suggestions to help you overcome this obstacle. Firstly, as you mentioned, you can use a VPN to access the registration […]