What you need to be digital politicians in Cambodia

Have a blog or website
The most important thing is to launch a blog or a website that your supporters and followers can read your correspondence.

Once published online, anyone can spread your letters, speeches and everything in between on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You need not to worry if what you wrote turns out to be something else on those social networking sites. The good thing is everything you posted on your own site is authentic. Your official site is your official source of texts, images, audio and videos, where professional journalists refer to.

You keep your access account information safe. Update your site regularly. Don’t worry about the number of pageviews. When you publish texts or images relevant to Cambodian people you represent, Facebookers will quickly make your posting gone viral. Use your site smartly to reach out your audience. It’s the most economical platform to maintain.

Without this kind of official site, it’s tough to verify your says or correspondence. But to have your own site, it makes life difficult for those who want to reproduce your original content.

Have a digital audio recorder
Another important thing to do: always bring with an audio recorder. Make sure it’s completely charged so you can use it for five or six hours for recording during any closed door meeting or negotiation. You can always have the recording replayed any time. It’s your great personal digital assistant that helps you as minute taker. Most smart phones come with an audio recording capability. It’s smart (it can detect sound to start recording) and quiet (nobody will ever know that you record the conversation).

Please note that having a Facebook Page or a Twitter account are not enough to be a politicians in this digital age, especially in a country like Cambodia. Your presence on social media platforms help you stay connected and engaged with your supporters, fans, and followers. But your own website or blog is more about who you are, what you say, promise, and implement.

Some blogs and websites of high profiles from around the world:
King-Father Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia

Prime Minister NODA’s BLOG
The Prime Minister sends out his own messages to the public.

Mong Palatino
is an activist and former legislator who represented Kabataan (Youth) Partylist in the 14th and 15th Congress of the Philippines

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