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Good to read

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed browsing and bookmarking some interesting pages and websites. In this page, you’ll find a list of my favorite websites I enjoy reading as well as finding something across the web.

Elsewhere on the web:

Tharum Bun on Medium | WT.Social | An Evernote Living List  |

My Home Sweet Home Project | TheZ6 (on living well) | SmallSweetHome

Cambodia blogs

Cambopedia | Sopheap Chak | Soprach Tong

This & That

Fanam StreetThreefold Twenty | Stratechery by Ben Thompson | Gary Vaynerchuk
Farnam Street | Beth Kanter | Boris Anthony | Ethan Zuckerman | Geoffrey Cain| Jane Perrone | John Vink | Marc-Jan Trapman | Maurina | Michaela

Think with Google | Jan ChipchaseSeth GodinRebecca Blood | TED: Ideas worth spreading | Gutenberg

The 3rd world view | CitizenReporter (CTRP)

Photography and photojournalism

Sweet Memory Studio | Poynter Online – Photojournalism | News University | The Digital Journalist | 100 Best Blogs for Journalism Students


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