Top best motorized camera sliders for time lapse

A motorized camera slider consists of tracks that are in brackets, these bracketed tracks are fixed on tripod legs, depending upon the shooter requirement. The slide is supported by the bracketed tracks and is meant to be very smooth, the camera is attached to this slider. The best motorized camera slider for time lapse is the one that allows the process to carry out smoothly and without break. Usually, these motorized sliders have built in intervalometer, that automatically presses the camera’s shutter button. If you’re a photographer, video maker or just a click lover, then you are just at the right place. In this review, I am going to introduce you to the best motorized camera sliders for time lapse along with customer reviews. This recommended list will help you to decide better about the products you want to purchase. Let’s dive in!

A list of top 10 best motorized camera sliders for time lapse

1. Camera Slider Carbon Fiber Dolly Rail

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This camera slider has a solid body, made-up of carbon. Great compatibility, better motion control and smooth movement are some of its top features that make this slider perfect for shooting. In its customer reviews, you will find great satisfaction, happiness and 4 & 5 star positive comments.

  • Made of carbon fiber & aluminum alloy
  • Professional quality motion control
  • Solid build quality and durable
  • Affordable price

2. GVM Motorized Camera Aluminum Alloy Slider

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GVM alloy slider has supported mode for various different types of shooting. The remote control system makes the shooting process super easy. Premium material support, multiple angle shooting and customer support with warranty are its top characteristics. This model also owns positive customer comments with 4 and 5 star reviews.

  • Ultra silent step motor driving technology
  • Wireless controller for easy operation
  • Compatible with most camcorders and DSLR cameras

3. Pico Flex Dolly Digital Skater

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Pico flex dolly is the least expensive and lies among the best motorized-camera slider for time lapse. It is four wheel skater, equipped to take more dynamic shots and is very easy to use. It comes with a free carrying pouch. In its customer reviews, there are some positive and some negative ones. But, above them all no one has complained about its shooting dynamics and working quality.

  • Smooth glide, stable build, and sleek design
  • Heavy duty plate for heavy camera
  • Simple to install (although no instruction manual)

4. NewerAluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider Video Stabilizer Rail with 4 Bearings

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This model comes with 4 U shaped ball bearing that ensure smooth movement of the camera. It has multiple uses and allows multi angle shooting with adjustable and secured legs. In its box, a free carrying bag is also present to support its storage. Customers are highly satisfied with its smooth motion and high quality, they have called it a great deal to buy.

  • Adjustable and secured legs
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Universal slider plate

5. Newer 31.5 inches/80 centimeters Carbon Fiber Camera Track Slider

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This new camcorder has 6 ball bearings which makes it super smooth as compared to the model with 4 balls. It is perfect for multi angle shoots and is an excellent item for video making. With moveable, adjustable secured legs, it is easy to operate and handle. Customers are extremely satisfied with its working. They have shown very positive remarks and are very happy with its butter smooth sliding system.

  • Stable and smooth
  • Ideal for vertical, horizontal and 45° shooting
  • Hard to carry and transport

6. Kamerar 31” Fluid Motion Video Slider

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Kamerar 31’’ comes with fully adjustable legs. Its flywheels gives smoother motion with the help of 6 rollers. Its price is best for time lapse video making. Customers have called it a cool version with new features of its previous version. They are satisfied with its sliding and holding abilities.

  • Adjustable legs
  • Stainless steel flywheel counterweight system
  • Six smooth rollers

7. Zecti Camera Slider, Adjustable Carbon Fiber

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Zecti camera slider is 15.7 inch in size and lightweight body, it is best to carry and go for shooting to far off places. It has double interior carbon fiber which makes it a strong object. It has multiple slider support for different types of shootings. Customers have reviewed that it is one of the great budget camera sliders, especially for the newbies.

8. Sutefoto 11.8”/30cm Portable Camera Slider

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Sutefoto comes with 4 ball bearings and is easy to install and mount on a stand. It has a mini body with stainless steel tracks. Its small body allows multi angle shooting and it comes with 12 months warranty. Customers have shown great satisfaction for its price, quality, size and motion.

9. GVM Motorized Camera Slider Video Rail Track Dolly with Controller

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One of the best motorized-camera slider for time lapse is this model. It is light in weight and has a solid construction, a perfect package for professionals. It is very convenient to use and fits all 3/8’ cameras. Customers are loving this model and are also recommending others to try it.

10. Track Dolly Slider Rail System with 120 Degree Panoramic Shooting

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This one is an electric camera slider with unique features. It is fit for fixed clicks and videos with 120 degree panoramic shooting. This model needs a little bit more adjustment setting as compared to the other sliders. And it usually suits professionals. Customers have given it 5 and 4 stars, owing to its classic and perfect sliding features.

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My top pick: GVM Motorized Camera Slider Video Rail Track Dolly with Controller Video Shooting Time-Lapse

Finding a top rated motorized DSLR camera slider for time lapse photography is not easy as there are many available on the market. The quality of the product can also be judged through the comments and reviews of photographers. In this article, top 10 best motorized sliders for digital cameras (DSLR and mirrorless) along with reviews from the Amazon website are mentioned to help you out in this niche. Now the selection of the best one for your needs depends upon you. It’s time to take your time lapse photography and video shooting to the next level.

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