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“Hi, I’m Anh. You can call me Na. I’m from Vietnam. I work for a youth organization.” The most innocent, memorable question ever asked: “Where did you raise your chicken?” #IVLP

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In Amsterdam, coffee is cult A Starbucks Coffee outlet in Thailand This Starbucks Coffee Drive Thru store is located in between Bangkok and Phetchaburi province, Thailand Convenience is a key Inside Stockholm Arlanda Airport Starbucks Coffee has recently opened its very first store in Vietnam. Cambodia next?

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/ November 19, 2011 / Comments Off on Where’s DAS the blogger?

Where’s DAS the blogger?

One of Cambodia’s anonymous blogs, DetailsAreSketchy.WordPress.Com, has left the blogosphere. In September last year I interviewed DAS the blogger behind this prominent, most read blog among expatriates living in Cambodia. “The good thing about a blog is that it can be anonymous and you still can be contacted,” says Gary Kawaguchi, a digital media trainer […]

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/ March 23, 2010 / Comments Off on Meet Sophal Ear

Meet Sophal Ear

Simply dressed in his favorite khakis and dark brown V-Neck T-shirt, Sophal Ear took to the stage in style at the Technology Entertainment and Design (TED) conference, and gave a fascinating talk on ‘escaping the Khmer Rouge,’ in February 2009 in Long Beach, California. Much known for leveraging the power of ideas to change the […]

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/ September 14, 2005 / Comments Off on My Interview with Cambodian College Students

My Interview with Cambodian College Students

Students of Pannasastra University of Cambodia, Rana Sowath, Ek Sreypechrachna, Sok Someaknea, Ang Vanny, and Morm Linda, facilitated by Professor Ron Klein, interviewed me for their research project in mid-August. The ‘Mass of Communication’ report was written for Fundamentals of Communication course. It gives an overview of the roles of traditional media and the new […]

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