The technology helping Cambodia’s disconnected and hardest to reach

Author’s note: this blog post was first published in In a nation of about 15 million people, Cambodia has over 19 million mobile phone subscribers. In addition, there are only about 3.8 million Internet users. A 2014 report published by the United Nation Development Program (UNDP) says that “Mobile phone access is near universal […]

A decade as a blogger

First published on Banyan Blog: THARUM BUN, 32, BLOGGER Tharum Bun, 32, is an experienced voice in the Cambodian blogosphere and digital media space. Blogging since 2004, he’s been a contributing writer for the Phnom Penh Post, Asian Correspondents, The United Nations’s Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) and Global Voices online. He has worked […]

Meet Mitty Steele: Banyan Blogger

In my series of “Cambodian bloggers on blogging,” I have a conversation  with Banyan Blogger Mitty Steele. A Cambodian-born American, Mitty is a writer, photographer, and communicator. This is an unedited email interview. It’s a great honor that she accepted my request for this exclusive interview. If you, readers, want to drop her a line, […]

What’s Politikoffee? And why it matters?

As part of my series of ‘Cambodian bloggers on blogging,’ I had a conversation with 26-year-old Ou Ritthy, who has been regarded by Cambodia’s English-language papers as one of the nation’s political bloggers. This is an unedited email interview I recently had with Ritthy, who runs a regular talk, Politikoffee, about Cambodian politics among his […]

What you need to be digital politicians in Cambodia

Have a blog or website The most important thing is to launch a blog or a website that your supporters and followers can read your correspondence. Once published online, anyone can spread your letters, speeches and everything in between on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You need not to worry if what […]

Twitter co-founder on the future of media

Instead, Evan Williams argues, citizens should re-calibrate their ravenous appetite for information towards more awe-inspiring content. “Published written ideas and stories are life-changing,” he gushes, recalling his early childhood fascination with books as the motivation to take on the media establishment. The Internet “was freeing that up, that excitement about knowledge that’s inside of books–multiplied […]