Cambodia’s buildings of the future?

Phnom Penh is undeniably Cambodia’s city of two tales. The two news stories (below) were published at about the same time, although in different media outlets. The first story takes on how a commercial, business-owned skyscraper, is doing well or not. The second story is about looking for more funding to erect a new iconic […]

‘On Writing Well’

William Zinsser, Author of ‘On Writing Well,’ Dies at 92 It became a book that editors and teachers encouraged writers to reread annually in the manner of another classic on the craft of writing, “The Elements of Style,” by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White. His advice was straightforward: Write clearly. Guard the message […]

Star bloggers the top five: The Phnom Penh Post

This article, by Claire Knox, was first printed in The Phnom Penh Post on Wed, 7 November 2012 More than 200 bloggers and social-media aficionados from Cambodia and its ASEAN neighbours descended on Siem Reap last weekend for the Blogfest Asia 2012 regional festival. Although speakers identified an overall lack of internet usage in the […]

Google to unveil panoramic views of Angkor

Google will unveil its Street View imagery of Angkor’s ancient temples as Cambodia is set to celebrate its Khmer New Year in April this year. As previous years, Google usually chooses heated April to introduce Cambodian net users to new services or major features. In 2013, Khmer-language support was the most welcoming feature in Google […]

A decade as a blogger

First published on Banyan Blog: THARUM BUN, 32, BLOGGER Tharum Bun, 32, is an experienced voice in the Cambodian blogosphere and digital media space. Blogging since 2004, he’s been a contributing writer for the Phnom Penh Post, Asian Correspondents, The United Nations’s Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) and Global Voices online. He has worked […]

Mobile internet: Cambodia

The Cambodia Daily’s Joshua Wilwohl reported that “The government has ordered the country’s seven mobile phone operators to abide by a law that sets minimum prices for calls, ultimately ending their lucrative top-up and bonus deal promotions…” With mobile Internet, it’s easy to avoid making phone calls (whatever price set by the network providers). Mobile […]

Meet Mitty Steele: Banyan Blogger

In my series of “Cambodian bloggers on blogging,” I have a conversation  with Banyan Blogger Mitty Steele. A Cambodian-born American, Mitty is a writer, photographer, and communicator. This is an unedited email interview. It’s a great honor that she accepted my request for this exclusive interview. If you, readers, want to drop her a line, […]

Sad day: Internet Society Cambodia Chapter

In August 2010, Norbert Klein invited me to join Internet Society Chapter Cambodia. Today is a very sad day as it’s officially announced that ISOC Cambodia Chapter is dissolved. It took more than an individual effort to establish this Cambodian chapter for the internet community in Cambodia. All I hope is that all the chapter […]

Unleashing the political power of social media

Virtual democracy The rapid spread of social media is altering Cambodia’s political landscape, and the old guard is struggling to keep up By Colin Meyn November 11, 2013 My note: The rise of digital media also means Cambodian politicians will be more open, getting closer to their netizens. More archived photographs and new ones from […]