A visit to Stanford University campus

During my three-week visit in the United States of America, I also paid a visit to Stanford University campus, where attended a panel discussion about Media Work: News, Networks and Power in the Digital Economy. With my friend Faine Greenwood, who’s a student at the university Felt good to get some of my IVLP fellows […]

A decade as a blogger

First published on Banyan Blog: http://www.banyanblog.com/4/post/2014/02/tharum-bun-32-blogger.html THARUM BUN, 32, BLOGGER Tharum Bun, 32, is an experienced voice in the Cambodian blogosphere and digital media space. Blogging since 2004, he’s been a contributing writer for the Phnom Penh Post, Asian Correspondents, The United Nations’s Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) and Global Voices online. He has worked […]

Meet Mitty Steele: Banyan Blogger

In my series of “Cambodian bloggers on blogging,” I have a conversation  with Banyan Blogger Mitty Steele. A Cambodian-born American, Mitty is a writer, photographer, and communicator. This is an unedited email interview. It’s a great honor that she accepted my request for this exclusive interview. If you, readers, want to drop her a line, […]

Social media fires up Cambodian polls

When Cambodians went to the polls in July this year, social media not only posed a challenge to the traditional mainstream media but also to the country’s status quo. With its hands holding a tight grip on the country’s traditional media, the Hun Sen government virtually ignored social media, while the main opposition party, Cambodia […]

How social media shapes #electionsKH: news from around the web

Social media’s growing influence on Cambodian politics by Sophat Soeung Cambodia: Social media fuels new politics By Marta Kasztelan On Social Media, Youth Debate Merits of Anti-Subedi Protest By Kuch Naren and Simon Lewis Rainsy’s Return Highlights the Importance of Different Media By Prum Seila Cambodia’s National Elections 2013 By Kounila Keo Social media and […]

12 reasons Facebook is Cambodia’s most favorite site

Updated: June 9, 2014 Facebook is Cambodia’s #1 site, at least according Alexa. This blog post answers the most important question, why. 1. In Cambodia, Cambodians ‘play’ Facebook when they’re on the social networking site. So it’s the happiest virtual playground ever. 2. Facebookers can share their cute or food pictures or selfies. 3. It […]

New media, new politics

Social Media Drives Youth Involvement in Cambodia’s National Elections BY FAINE GREENWOOD | Wednesday, July 31 2013 techPresident Faine the freelance journalist quoted me here: The autonomy that social media affords Cambodian citizens is important, agrees digital media specialist Tharum Bun. “Digital technologies, not just the Internet, have impacted so much for this year’s election, […]

Journalism in Cambodia: immediacy versus verification

In Cambodia these days, people start to smell politics and rumors. As news organizations are doing their job to serve their audience, they also have to do in a much more competitive manner than ever. Thanks to the Internet, newspapers are able to deliver news content to their readers over the Internet. As Cambodians are […]