LinkedIn editor: This is what I’d like to tell young journalists

A former Cambodia-based journalist, Isabelle Roughol, recently wrote: This Is What I’d Like to Tell Young Journalists You’ll write many places at once and build an audience who follows you there. You’ll join a company that’s never done media and show everyone in and outside of it how it’s done. You’ll start your own company […]

WHO journalism fellowship in Cambodia

WHO Cambodia invites proposals from journalists from any Cambodian media outlet – print, radio, television, and online – to apply for an eight-month fellowship on road safety reporting. The objective of the fellowship is to support journalists willing to investigate and report on road safety as a public health concern. In Cambodia road traffic injuries […]

A decade as a blogger

First published on Banyan Blog: THARUM BUN, 32, BLOGGER Tharum Bun, 32, is an experienced voice in the Cambodian blogosphere and digital media space. Blogging since 2004, he’s been a contributing writer for the Phnom Penh Post, Asian Correspondents, The United Nations’s Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) and Global Voices online. He has worked […]

Katharine Viner on ‘journalism in the age of the open web’ “We are no longer the all-seeing all-knowing journalists, delivering words from on high for readers to take in, passively, save perhaps an occasional letter to the editor. Digital has wrecked those hierarchies almost overnight, creating a more levelled world, where responses can be instant, where some readers will almost certainly know more about a […]

Journalism in Cambodia: immediacy versus verification

In Cambodia these days, people start to smell politics and rumors. As news organizations are doing their job to serve their audience, they also have to do in a much more competitive manner than ever. Thanks to the Internet, newspapers are able to deliver news content to their readers over the Internet. As Cambodians are […]