International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)

[alpine-phototile-for-picasa-and-google-plus src=”user_album” uid=”106920098056889916254″ ualb=”6000524336534298161″ imgl=”picasa” style=”gallery” row=”4″ grwidth=”800″ grheight=”600″ size=”512″ num=”20″ align=”center” max=”100″] Updated: April 24, 2014 After three weeks of visits, talks, panel discussions, meetings, and lectures in Washington D.C., New York, Georgia, Sacramento, and San Francisco [photo courtesy of Kenton] Updated: March 20, 2014 Washington D.C., New York City, Atlanta, Sacramento, and San […]

Google to unveil panoramic views of Angkor

Google will unveil its Street View imagery of Angkor’s ancient temples as Cambodia is set to celebrate its Khmer New Year in April this year. As previous years, Google usually chooses heated April to introduce Cambodian net users to new services or major features. In 2013, Khmer-language support was the most welcoming feature in Google […]

A decade as a blogger

First published on Banyan Blog: THARUM BUN, 32, BLOGGER Tharum Bun, 32, is an experienced voice in the Cambodian blogosphere and digital media space. Blogging since 2004, he’s been a contributing writer for the Phnom Penh Post, Asian Correspondents, The United Nations’s Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) and Global Voices online. He has worked […]

Dart Flight School: Phnom Penh CodeLab

February is a month for Google developers to run Dart Flight School, a community event to help developers learn Dart and Angular. The coding workshop is taking in Phnom Penh for the first time. Known as Dart Flight School, Google Developer Group Phnom Penh will hold the event to enable “Cambodia developers to start off […]

Social Media and Cambodian Youth: It’s Not Just Facebook: Other Social Media Platforms

Moderated by The Cambodia Daily’s Online Editor Joshua Wilwohl, I was one of the panelists talking about “It’s Not Just Facebook: Other Social Media Platforms”. My argument is Google+ is going to take off and possible taking over Facebook (in Cambodia) thanks to Google’s owned Motorola and its budget smartphones and Android ecosystem, which will […]

Mobile internet: Cambodia

The Cambodia Daily’s Joshua Wilwohl reported that “The government has ordered the country’s seven mobile phone operators to abide by a law that sets minimum prices for calls, ultimately ending their lucrative top-up and bonus deal promotions…” With mobile Internet, it’s easy to avoid making phone calls (whatever price set by the network providers). Mobile […]

What you need to be digital politicians in Cambodia

Have a blog or website The most important thing is to launch a blog or a website that your supporters and followers can read your correspondence. Once published online, anyone can spread your letters, speeches and everything in between on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You need not to worry if what […]

Happy Constitution Day!

To celebrate Cambodia’s Constitution Day as a citizen, I’d love to share the full constitution of Cambodia 1993 (rev. 1999) [PDF]. For the world’s constitutions to read, search and compare, please visit WHO IS BEHIND CONSTITUTE? Constitute was developed by the Comparative Constitutions Project. It was seeded with a grant from Google Ideas to […]

Quick fix for Facebook access and how to speed up web browsing

What to do when you can’t access Facebook? This blog post provides Internet users who have problems with access to social networking site Facebook. It’s particularly for some Internet users who have reported about access issue. First step: make sure you log into your Facebook account securely, by including ‘https://’ to ‘’. Not so secure […]