From Fiji to Cambodia: Mobimedia launches mJams

I gave an interview to The Phnom Penh Post’s Will Jackson early this week. You can read the full story here: Tech company to release Khmer music, ‘friendship’ and listings apps. As a tech blogger, it’s great to have an early access to new key players coming to Cambodia through Phnom Penh-based journos. Here’s what […]

In Cambodia, what does ‘sharing economy’ mean?

The Phnom Penh Post’s Weekend edition has an interesting piece on Airbnb: Hoteliers worried by rise in peer-to-peer rentals. Journalist Lara Dunston quoted prominent author Elizabeth Becker, Airbnb’s spokesperson, and a few other well-established businesses. This is a thought-provoking story for Cambodian citizens. The question is: will this disruption really help better Cambodia’s communities by […]

The technology helping Cambodia’s disconnected and hardest to reach

Author’s note: this blog post was first published in In a nation of about 15 million people, Cambodia has over 19 million mobile phone subscribers. In addition, there are only about 3.8 million Internet users. A 2014 report published by the United Nation Development Program (UNDP) says that “Mobile phone access is near universal […]

Terrific ten years of Global Voices Online

I’m proud to be part of Global Voices Online, contributing from Cambodia some years back. Terrific ten years! Look forward to the coming terrific ten years! With co-founder Rebecca at Internet Freedom Forum in Stockholm, Sweden How did I start with Global Voices? It’s Beth Kanter who introduced me to this amazing community.