Pharmacist-turned entrepreneur Chea Vireak

An award-winning startup is hoping to transform Cambodia’s healthcare sector and offer Cambodians safe access to drugs.

Pharmacist and entrepreneur, Dr. Chea Vireak, is modernizing Cambodia’s healthcare sector through digital technology in hoping it can bring more affordable and safe medicines for millions.

In late 2021, Cambodia-based startup PillTech won the nation’s ICT award for its innovation in products, services, accomplishments. The unified health care super application gained traction of 250 percent from August to October 2021. A total of 1,000 Cambodian pharmacies are platform users.

In addition to scooping this year’s Gold Medal at the ASEAN ICT Awards 2021, beating off tough competition from startups across the region in the annual competition, PillTech is among a few from Cambodia to reach this milestone.

To accomplish his startup’s mission, the pharmacist by education and profession focuses on one thing: building a platform for pharmacies to give millions of Cambodians access to safe drugs. The platform developed by the health tech startup is more than just a digital or mobile health app.

Instead it is an ecosystem in itself.

According to Vireak, PillTech is “Built by pharmacists for community pharmacists”.

To tackle one of the most crucial issues facing pharmacies, the PillTech platform features a real-time reporting tool with a pharmacy Point of Sale system with features such as drug expiration date alert, auto-reorder generation, and inventory management to name a few. In addition, it has a web-based and mobile app solution to source reliable products from verified suppliers.

I’m this interview, I asked the pharmacist-turned entrepreneur about how he built his startup and his vision.

Originally appeared: Pharmacist-Turned Entrepreneur Dreams of Safe Drugs for All