Tharum’s blog

This is my blog, which you can find my writings. I’ve been blogging since 2004. This blog is about technology and me. I live and work in the intersection of technology and media. You’ll find my blog posts about digital technology, travel, photography and living well.

Blogging, technology, and photography

In 2004, I started as one of the earliest bloggers in Cambodia (probably the first). After spearheading this blogging phenomenon, I enjoy blogging ever since. You can read all the archived news about my blogging and Cambodia bloggers here.

I delved into photography world in 2005 when my father gave him a film Nikon N75 camera for my first-ever flight trip to London, United Kingdom. Since then, I continue taking photographs as a hobby while also selling my work to support my travel.

Elsewhere on the wider web, you can find me on: LinkedIn, Shutterstock, @tharum, Quora