Mobile internet: Cambodia

The Cambodia Daily’s Joshua Wilwohl reported that “The government has ordered the country’s seven mobile phone operators to abide by a law that sets minimum prices for calls, ultimately ending their lucrative top-up and bonus deal promotions…”

With mobile Internet, it’s easy to avoid making phone calls (whatever price set by the network providers). Mobile messaging apps for smartphones make it possible to use voice call or text messaging. Google Hangout, Skype, KakaoTalk, and LINE are probably some the best alternative tools.

The fact that “Smart Mobile Sees 36% Revenue Growth” is that the network provider firm, popular among the young population, can still offer the best for money for the mobile Internet data package; Its 100%+ promotion isn’t affected by the recent regulation.

With what’s going on, it will only speed up the adoption of smartphone and demand of mobile Internet. Of course, phone call is the most basic need now. However, there is a great alternative and cheaper way to communicate.

For those in rural areas, it’s not a good thing since they can no longer enjoy 500% promotion top-up bonuses. I think most of them use feature (basic) phones without messaging app.

Probably what would be after in the near future is the inclusion that mobile operators be told to end price promotions for mobile Internet. For now, you can still have a good time.

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