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Meet 3 Cambodians behind an Internet Provider in Cambodia

Over the few past months I’ve had a privilege to talk and interact with some amazing Cambodians who have built and served the backbone of the Internet connectivity in Cambodia. Just like anywhere else in the world, when people can access fast Internet, there are endless possibilities. These three people told me about their work as well as their daily routine to provide high speed Internet connections over fiber optic cables to home, businesses, and organizations across the country.

Ms. Chou Lylinh, IP Network Manager

Chou Lylinh of Cambodian ISP SINET
Chou Lylinh of Cambodian ISP SINET

Ms. Chou Lylinh is currently an IP Network Manager. She has worked at SINET since 2011. Before joining SINET, Lylinh studied Economics and Informatic at Royal University of Laws and Economics (RULE) and English Literature at University of Cambodia. Her dual bachelor degree was awarded scholarships.

“After breakfast, I come to the SINET office. I always check my email inbox, Skype, Line, and Telegram for what’s new or to check whether there are any pending issues from our team or customer. I do my support work on each issue one by one base on my role. In addition to this, I work on projects, network plans, and network maintenance.”

Dealing with challenges
“What I do is keep trying to researching in the issues. I also discuss with my supervisor about technical issues. My supervisor Kong Diep, who is so open to us. Mostly I seek his practical advice, not theory. I think that the more I do, the more I know, and the stronger I am.”

What a surprise!
“My parents and friends were really surprised when they first learned that I work as an engineer at a telecommunications company. It’s funny moment. I tell them and everyone that it’s the kind of work I love. They said they rarely see women doing engineering work.”

Dream her job
“When I was young, I had never dreamed of becoming an engineer. Back then, IT was not very popular in Cambodia yet. I even did not know what is IT mean at that time. But I thought that IT is like news, interview, and such.”

More women in tech?
“I want younger women to learn computer science and become a technologist and engineer like me. I definitely encourage them to take on the job in this sector.”

Working with passion
“I love computer networking. I think if I work here I can do what I wish. I can learn what I love and I also can practice what I have learn. SINET is an ISP, so network lovers always like to work for. I love my work. I’m so proud of what I am working on. So I always feel positive and am happy about work.”

Mr. Sok Sovutha, Technical Support Supervisor

Sok Sovutha, 27, is a Technical Support Supervisor.
“I love my family and enjoy spending my quality time my them, especially my one year old and half daughter.

At SINET, I’m a Technical Support Supervisor. I’ve been with SINET since 2012. I started out as a Technical Support Officer, Installer Operator Team Leader, and Field Operation Supervisor before holding the present position managing nearly 20 team members.

At SINET, my team members are at the front-line dealing directly with customers. My team members work to support customers with every issue: the Internet connection and even their local area network. A lot of workplaces don’t have a tech support, so even they have issue with their local network, we still support them. The hotline and support unit are together in one team. So we’re well synchronized.

One interesting instance in early 2014, there was an electricity blackout in Bavet of Svay Rieng Province, and our Internet links were cut off. But my team worked around the clock for 2 days and half to restore the connection.

In the office, we often have snack time together. We love sour fruits. Mouthwatering. Once every month we dine out together.

Initially I wanted to go to medical school to become a medical doctor. But I could manage to go to Notorton Unversity for Computer Science bachelor’s degree.

I feel very proud of being here with SINET since the early day. In 2012 when I first started our Internet service covered only major cities and provinces. Now, we cover the whole country, even the districts.

In addition to Khmer as a mother tongue language, I speak English and some basic Chinese with customers.

I am family man. I some time work from 8am-8pm and my wife waits for me for dinner. I want to finish to work, try not to leave it for tomorrow.”

Mrs. Por Chantrea, Key Account Manager

With SINET since mid 2012, Ms. Por Chantrea is now a Key Account Manager.
On acquiring the first customer
“I did it everything I could to set the very first appointment with my prospect customer. It took me some time. I didn’t give up quickly. At the end I was rewarded a meeting and having him as a customer.”

On her colleagues
“I love it more than anything else when my colleagues buy me breakfast or lunch whenever I’m too busy with work and forgetting my meal.”

On holding various positions
“I graduated from the university with a major in Finance and Banking. I started at SINET as an administrative assistant, project manager assistant (when I learned about username and password), and revenue assurance officer. Now I’m a deputy marketing manager.”

On delayed birthday surprise
“I felt very disappointed when my colleagues seemed not to realise that it’s my birthday and there was no cake. It’s until the day later when the surprise and the cake arrived. What a delayed birthday surprise set up by my colleagues at this work place I call my home second home.”

On talking straight to the point
“I don’t talk much. But on certain topics, I can talk for hours. So I believe that I’ve got the talent to be a good marketer.”

Since 2009, SINET is a specialist dedicated ISP in Cambodia with focus on engineering excellence & dedicated services.

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