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Live blog: home to workplace by bus

Live blog: home to workplace by bus Posted on February 4, 2014Leave a comment

February 5
The motor taxi driver told me that he’s worried about this this public transportation as he’s got only one source of income.
No bus ready to run
Opening remark on the very first day at bus station opposite to the French embassy
Taking a motor dub from home to the bus station station.

February 4
Tomorrow, I’ll hop on the bus to my workplace. From my home to the bus station, I’ll take a moto taxi first.

We’ve talked a lot about traffic jam, too many motorcycles and vehicles, and no public transportation. Starting early this February, the bus will run on Monivong Boulevard. It’s an opportunity for most of us, who are willing to get back on the bus.

Tune in to my live blog of this unique experience. I’ll be using my magnificent Moto G to update this blog post. I’m sure I can also enjoy reading George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four on my Kindle Paperwhite.

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