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In today’s fast-paced world, modern media companies embrace immediacy over accuracy, quantity over quality. Too often, to publish news content, most news outlets opt for numbers and metrics. Just like the rest of the world, Southeast Asia and Cambodia need more quality journalism than ever and a place to publish that journalism.

Original, quality, and compelling business news stories are essential and invaluable for this and next generation readers.

Online news media Kiripost will cover business affairs of Southeast Asia.

Kiripost, a dynamic media company, is taking a whole new approach to deliver stories that would one day become “the first rough draft of history”.

Independent, the highest standard of journalism is Kiripost’s guiding principle. Our editorial team and reporters strive for both accuracy and reliable news coverage for our readers.

At Kiripost, we work and breathe to deliver only trusted news stories.

Everyone at Kiripost believes in:

  • reporting with the highest journalism standards
  • presenting credible news and information for decision makers
  • running tech-driven businesses
  • supporting future generations in the Internet age

Our main goal is to cover the news as fairly as possible, while making it entertaining and educational.

More about Kiripost:

Kiripost is a digital media company covering Cambodia’s business, tech, and startups. We bring our readers news, insights, and in-depth stories from entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators, and makers. We believe that startup founders and business people have many remarkable, untold stories.

In a digital world filled with vast amounts of news content, we believe quality and journalistic objectivity news reporting and analysis will thrive. And we’re committed to professionalism from day one.

Launched in late 2021, during the global Covid-19 pandemic, Kiripost is run by a team of professional news editors, reporters, and tech people. We also work with media students to report and cover news.

Kiripost’s mission

The goal of Kiripost is to cover the news as fairly as possible, while making it entertaining and educational.

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