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Journalism in Cambodia: immediacy versus verification

Journalism in Cambodia: immediacy versus verification Posted on July 31, 2013Leave a comment

In Cambodia these days, people start to smell politics and rumors. As news organizations are doing their job to serve their audience, they also have to do in a much more competitive manner than ever. Thanks to the Internet, newspapers are able to deliver news content to their readers over the Internet.

As Cambodians are trying to sense the atmosphere of post-elections, people tend to consume more than three meals a day. All day-long, people also consume news (a lot of megabytes, if not calories).

While DAP News’s recent story about China’s military aid to Cambodia prompts rumors and online conversations among netizens. But VOD does its journalism of verification by talking to Ministry of Interior, probably the most important source for such a story. At the end of the day, MOI denies such a report by DAP. More traffic to the news sites, but unreliable news and information will not do anything good to their readers and commercial sponsors.

Via @kounila

Interior ministry rejected the news that China gave firearms/immunities yesterday. DAP news was lying? #electionskh

In this document, Michael Karlsson at provides a great insight into “The immediacy of online news”. I think this is useful not only for news reporters, but also web editors and publishers.

Meanwhile, you can also unfiltered tweets on all things elections 2013 in Cambodia via this hashtag: #electionsKH

On another side note, my father starts watching #electionsKH news coverage on YouTube on his smart phone thanks to poor TV coverage and on/off radio broadcast.

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