Camtoonista blog

As part of my series of Cambodian bloggers on blogging, I run this email interview with the young woman blogger to get to know more about her newly-launched blog Camtoonista, which is a makeup of Cambodia and Cartoonist.

Bon Sovathary, Camtoonista blogger

I first met Bon Sovathary, a 23-year-old comic artist, on a trip by helicopter to Sihanouk-ville (Kampong Som) in August this year. A reading lover, Sovathary is also a prolific blogger. She maintains Cambodian Daughter, a blog of her personal observation of life in Cambodian capital Phnom Penh.

ThaRum: When did you start blogging?

Sovathary: I’ve just started my comic blog last September. It’s another blog I manage beside my personal blog Cambodian Daughter.


I figure that my comic series should have a separate place to stay, so that people who want to enjoy my comic art can find them in just one click. Besides, I also want to promote Ginger series to the audience by having its own website, that’s why I decided to create one.

What do you mostly post?

For Camtoonista blog, I only post about Ginger. It’s a whole collection there. But for my old blog Cambodian Daughter, it is mostly about what interests me at the moment. I can be pretty random, because I’m into a lot of things at the same time. For example, I would write about how I appreciate the Cambodian classic dance, poetry, new books or about a piece of painting I made. Other times, I would adorn my blog with tons of photographs of things I did or places I have been to. In short, my old blog is like a personal scrapbook which you can see just about anything in it.

Talking about your new comic blog, why camtoonista? What do you

intend to do with it?

Camtoonista is a name I made up, it’s mixed from Cambodia and Cartoonist. I tried to find a unique name for a comic, but this is what I could think of at that time, so I decided to go with this name. I intend to draw more Ginger strips and post them all there. There’s no other purpose but to let people enjoy my comics.

How did you learn making comic?

I have always been interested in comic drawing. I used to read Khmer comic books when I was young and really admired the drawing skill of the artists. Then when my university had a visiting art professor from the states, I decided to enroll in course called, “Introduction to Comics and Self-publication for Women.” Actually, it was only for female students. I got to learn some basic skills about how to draw cartoon characters and a few rules of comic-making. Months later I still find myself drawing my first cartoon character Ginger. I guess that’s who I learned it.