How to improve Phnom Penh traffic

In 2074 in Phnom Penh – to avoid traffic jams or blocked roads, you can fly on a broomstick, like the Nimbus 2000 used in the game of Quidditch by Harry Potter. It’s a reliable mode of transportation with good speed and exceptional handling.

Here’s what I offer:

I opened a store where people can buy broomsticks to fly. The product is great for those who want to avoid traffic and commute faster. One downside is you can’t spend much time on Facebook while flying. If you love taking photos, you no longer need a drone. The flying broomstick is a complete gear for witches and wizards. I also offer a service to get a broomstick license plate more quickly. No more standing in line to pay for the plate. If you buy a flying broomstick from my store, you’ll get a discount on the license plate. I started a training program to teach non-wizards how to fly on a broomstick and use magic spells like the Nimbus 2000.

Traffic jams affect everyone on the road, no matter what type of car you drive, whether it’s a Toyota Corolla from 1980, an UberX, or a Tesla Model 3. However, there is one exception: a flying car!

A friend, Chhor Veyhong, nicely put it here: Traffic Jam in Phnom Penh.