How to find your voice on Linkedin

A fantastic talk about how you can leverage Microsoft’s newly acquired LinkedIn, a growing social network site for professionals.

As International Managing Editor at LinkedIn, Isabelle is sharing and creating content daily. She has a deep understanding of LinkedIn as a publishing platform and works with top performing LinkedIn Influencers and members across the globe. Hear first hand what kind of content resonates and garners attention on LinkedIn. Through practical examples and top tips on how to curate content you’ll learn about the importance of having an opinion and choosing timely topics to perfect your writing style. You’ll come away knowing how to help drive greater engagement with your posts and ultimately how to “Find your voice” on LinkedIn.

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One of the 4 tips, which is my favorite:

Communicate. “LinkedIn is a social network, so be social,” Fogarty suggests. Comment on others’ posts, and keep up with connection requests and messages. “The key is to interact and be ‘seen,’” Fogarty notes. A word about sending connection requests: Along with the standard “I’d like to connect with you…” boilerplate, add a line or two about why. “Personalize it,” says Fogarty. “You would never walk into someone’s office without saying hello and then, if they don’t know you, explaining why you’re there. This is not much different.”