Google to unveil panoramic views of Angkor

Google will unveil its Street View imagery of Angkor’s ancient temples as Cambodia is set to celebrate its Khmer New Year in April this year.

As previous years, Google usually chooses heated April to introduce Cambodian net users to new services or major features. In 2013, Khmer-language support was the most welcoming feature in Google Translate. Earlier, ‘Kingdom of Cambodia’ in Khmer language was designed as part the world’ most popular search engine’s logo. The history of the releases dated back to when Google began to use .KH as the country code top-level domain for Cambodia-based Internet users.

The first batch of over 90 historic temples at Angkor Wat will be made available, hopefully in early April. See an example of what it’s going to look like here:

What if you can have a closer look or tour some of your favorite temples virtually?

Also, what’s in the pipeline is Khmer-language support for voice recognition. But I don’t think it’s going to happen next year.

It’s not going to be an April Fools’ Day!

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