My hilarious haiku

Sunday morning rain
Hand-making a cup of coffee
The sound of its drop and drip

Tweets haikus
@tharum in Twittersphere
of Cambodia

Horribly hurt
beaten dogs
began to bark

The trapped train
began to roll
waiting for nobody

Today my son
Tom turns two
Lego as gift

Gloomy cloud
Waiting for
A shroud of dark night

A cup of coffee
poured to refuel
train of thought

Sunless Saturday
Pray for peace
In the thin air

Frenzy Friday
Feel as I may
Float through life

Morning mist
This Thursday
Sipping tea

Kid on the pitch
We dine in The Shop
Illuminated by light bulb

This is my first attempt to experiment composing this after spending an enjoyable evening with my family at a nice place, The Shop, where my son, Tom, played on the grass.

If you’re a haiku poet, please help me to improve my language of simplicity. Drop me a line via email or comment here.