Common toilet problems in Cambodia

Among the Southeast Asian countries, Cambodia still sees the lowest rate of toilet coverage, which has lead to disease, environmental issues, and impeded economic development among the population.

I believe that although it is really challenging to tackle one of Cambodia’s biggest development obstacles, we citizens should work together to put a stop to all these issues that are caused by a lack of latrines or toilets in the country.

And, we need to keep encouraging our family members and relatives to poop in a safe and clean place as well. Don’t forget to get a toilet builder near you, ok? 😉

As someone who has spent most of the time living in the city, finding a toilet might not be an issue, but finding a clean toilet might be. However, this has improved in urban areas over the last few years. Unfortunately, though, the countryside or any place outside urban areas do not see brighter light.

Relatives and friends still complain when they go to attend events or celebrations outside Phnom Penh. Some have to resort to bushes and use tree leaves as toilet paper. But whenever this topic comes up during chats or discussions, many shy away to discuss this open secret. Being shy about it is one thing, but refusing to discuss this problem about the lack of hygiene or not having a toilet is not going to help.

I’d say, don’t be shy to encourage your family members and friends who live far away to build a toilet and keep it clean always. Be it water or toilet paper. And, be it a squat toilet or not, many Cambodians I assume still prefer squat toilets which are great and help you defecate better.

Maybe some of us think that it’s a small matter, but if you look at the repercussion on the health of your children and your family, you’ll realize how important “this shit” is to everyone and yourself.

Watch this video to understand more about this common yet serious issue facing Cambodian people.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from the social campaign to raise awareness about a shortage of latrines in Cambodia.

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