Journalism in Cambodia: immediacy versus verification

In Cambodia these days, people start to smell politics and rumors. As news organizations are doing their job to serve their audience, they also have to do in a much more competitive manner than ever. Thanks to the Internet, newspapers are able to deliver news content to their readers over the Internet. As Cambodians are […]

Email interview: how social media shapes Cambodian politics

This is a full email interview I gave to Colin Meyn, an editor at The Cambodia Daily, on social media in Cambodian politics. It’s conducted on 13 June 2013. The last answer was quoted in this news article: With Limited Media Access, Opposition Turns to the Web [by By Colin Meyn and Phorn Bopha – […]

World Bank Is Opening Its Treasure Chest of Data So it might come as a surprise that the president of the World Bank, Robert B. Zoellick, a career diplomat and member of the Republican foreign-policy elite, argues that the most valuable currency of the World Bank isn’t its money — it is its information.