Gold Rush, dot-com bubble, blockchain big bang

Currently, I’m on a Telegram chatroom of nearly 40 Cambodian tech folks (less than 10 are active) discuss about the potential of blockchain, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, among their personal pursuit in mining the next the big thing. This Sunday late afternoon, I came across this blog post (in my Gmail inbox sent from The Brain […]

Best technology dictionary: Sideways

What’s the easiest to understand a technical jargon term? Google that term, you’ll get a lot definitions, including from some the big name dictionaries. Here’s how Sideways Dictionary explains what’s an Internet Service Provider using simple analogy. Internet Service Provider — It’s like a gym. You pay a monthly fee and some get more out […]

How to “find your voice” on LinkedIn: Isabelle Roughol

A fantastic talk about how you can leverage Microsoft’s newly acquired LinkedIn, a growing social network site for professionals. As International Managing Editor at LinkedIn, Isabelle is sharing and creating content daily. She has a deep understanding of LinkedIn as a publishing platform and works with top performing LinkedIn Influencers and members across the globe. […]

“Live each day as if you will live forever,” says Peter Thiel

“Live each day as if you will live forever. That means, first and foremost, that you should treat the people around you as if they too will be around for a very long time to come. The choices that you make today matter, because their consequences will grow greater and greater. That is what Einstein […]