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Best technology dictionary: Sideways

What’s the easiest to understand a technical jargon term? Google that term, you’ll get a lot definitions, including from some the big name dictionaries.
Here’s how Sideways Dictionary explains what’s an Internet Service Provider using simple analogy.

Internet Service Provider — It’s like a gym. You pay a monthly fee and some get more out of it than others. Hardcore users may sweat the broadband connection hard, uploading and downloading their bodyweight in files every month. Others may pop in now and again for some light social media action. You buy different packages depending on your lifestyle.


It’s like a water pipe that serves the shower, washing machine and dishwasher in your apartment. If you run all three at the same time, you’ll notice a drop in pressure and whoever’s in the shower will get annoyed.

Bandwidth gift

Dark Web

It’s like the dark side of the moon. The bright side (the internet) is visible to everyone – all you have to do is look up. To access the dark side, you need specialist software (a rocket).

Want some tough technical terms explained in an easy way to understand?
Check out Sideways Dictionary.

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