Best rolling camera bags for photographers

Traveling from one place to another with your bag is one of the hardest things that you can do. This is because it has all lots of accessories that are fragile. If you tamper with even one, then the working of such a camera will be hampered. That is why you need this rolling travel back pack bag that will do the work for you in a better way than you ever imagined. With us here we have brought you some of the best rolling bags for your camera that you might need to use.

A rolling camera bag is essential for most travel photographers. We need a secure, compact rolling camera bag built of high quality material that can load expensive digital cameras, photography gears, and accessories. How to find a top rated roller camera backpack that will last? A rolling camera bag might look bulky & impractical to some photographers, therefore if you’re in research of top best rolling camera bag, please read this review.

A list of top best rolling camera bags for travel photographers in 2019

1. Tenba Roadie Roller 21 US Domestic Carry-On Camera Bag with Wheels

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The Tenba Roadie Roller 21 US Domestic Carry-On Camera Bag with Wheels meets more international carry-on essentials. This means that it is perfect to taking  your photo gear for long distance travel. With space for a pair of DSLRs, 6 to 8 lenses, a holder & a laptop-up to 15-inches in length, you can be certain you will not be surprised for any conditions that occur. As these name “Rolling-Backpack” it is effectively 2 types of the bag in one–wear it on that back or either roll it onward the area!


  • Quick Access Battery Pocket
  • Removable Padded Camera Insert
  • Complies with most international and U.S. domestic carry-on regulations

2. Lowepro Rolling Camera Bag by 200 AW

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The rolling camera bag might be considered because the universal design, and that’s the reason this is added it on the list of the best camera bags to travel. To view what this mean, let’s have some closer look on Lowepro roller camera bag. First of all, we will pay regard to the build quality of this Lowepro rolling camera bag. Just like other products from this brand, this roller bag uses ballistic nylon for these hard-shell exterior. This serves being a reliable protection and one can carry these bag in your hands or either wheel it.

  • MaxFit System interior dividers
  • Vibration-absorbing
  • Wheels with ABEC-5 rated bearings
  • Not too heavy

3. Pelican-1510-SC

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For those photographers who need a strongest rolling bag for cameras to survive essentially any level of abuse, the Pelican has been a reputable brand name in the industry. Traveling photographers and film-makers who need their photography gears constantly protected of the sea & general rough treatment, the Pelican 1510-SC rolling camera bags is a great recommendation.


  • Strong polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings
  • Comfortable rubber over-molded top and side handles

4. Manfrotto Pro Light Reloader 55

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These Reloader 55’s boxy design & 55 by 35 by 23cm dimensions completely use these carry-on size limits of more airlines. It comes with a practical interior size and layout for camera accessories and gears. You can fit a 17 inch laptop & a 10 inch tablet in slots on the outside from the front flap for secure access, and the underside of the flap contains lots of bags for lens filters & memory cards. There is a nice touch that integrated zipper locking point at the side from the bag that secures these major zippers extra elegantly than a padlock. This kit also gets these essentials right. Manfrotto’s extra thick dividers are measured to fit well around full frame kit while providing unmatched equipment support & protection. Outside, these tough exterior remains well reinforced at key wear points, & includes user replaceable rings of a common size.


  • Fully customizable dividers
  • TSA-approved combination zipper lock
  • Comfortable and stylish bag to travel with

5. Tenba Roadie Air Case Roller 21

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It is a shuddering experience: you are about to climb your plane, just to be reported there is no extra room for cabin-baggage and your precious camera gear will need to go into the hold, on the mercy from baggage handlers. This needs not be a problem if you have got the Tenba Air Case. Designed being a cross among a conventional roller bag & a tough hard case, the Air Case is particularly crush-resistant. You can use it as a stand-on bag & it easily maintained its shape-only the Think Tank-Airport International-V3 bag arrives close, except you step-up to a hard-case. The secret remains a solid internal building that encases these whole bag not only the top, back and rear panels. It is basically a hard case dressed being a roller bag.


  • International Carry-On: complies with most international and U.S. domestic carry-on regulations
  • Check-able, shipp-able, uncrushable

6. Vanguard ALTA FLY 55T DSLR Camera Backpack

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Ideally, this Vanguard Alata Fly is perfect to hold mirrorless cameras. The smooth and well balanced wheels is one of the key features of this camera backpack. It makes (not break) your life easy at the airport. With no doubt, the Vanguard brand is one of the most favorites among professional photographers who work in emergency service photo assignments or for personal adventures.

  • Coverage rain cover: durable, anti-scratch, moisture resistant materials
  • Double security buckles and strong zippers
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Not too big enough for pro DSLR cameras, though

7. Think Tank Photo Airport Roller Derby Carry-On Camera Rolling Bag

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It’s impossible to review and rank top best roller bags with featuring one from Think Tank. This Photo Airport Roller Derby rolling bag will fit all of your wedding photography gear.


  • 4 dual wheel sets with multiple rolling positions reduces muscle fatigue
  • High quality, solid bag with zipper the material
  • Strong and stury roller balls
  • Tough handle with the pull out lock

8. Ape Case Acpro4000 Pro Rolling Backpack Camera Bag

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This Ape Case camera backpack with wheel is essential for its double protections from rain and water. The other feature to like is the adjustability of the interior. And no worry when you get caught in a rain storm.

  • Wide-stance, roller blade quality wheels
  • Made with a tough water resistant nylon
  • Comes with a weather resistant cover

9. AmazonBasics Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack Bag

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If you need a travel companion, then this is the bag that has been designed for your use. it is a bag that has the ability to store and even transport all your camera gear with ease and also convenience. It is a large size bag that will accommodate loads of photography equipment so that you don’t miss any when you are in the field working. It is a bag designed to go anywhere.

10. G-raphy Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack

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The bag that you are seeing here is one that is unique. It can quick convert form a rolling case directly to a backpack bag. The compartments that it comes with are padded. That means you can carry your tablet or your 17 Inch laptop among other special equipment that you will need. Comes with side straps that will ensure that you have a place for that take-along tripod that you will need to carry.


Selecting a top best rolling camera backpack isn’t easy. Of all the strong and sturdy camera backpacks with durable wheels, you have to get the right size (some favor small rolling bag) to get your travel photography life easier. You will feel safe and secure wherever you travel when you own the best rolling camera bags.

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