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12 reasons Facebook so popular in Cambodia

12 reasons Facebook so popular in Cambodia Posted on August 24, 2013Leave a comment

1. In Cambodia, Cambodians ‘play’ Facebook when they’re on the social networking site. So it’s the happiest playground ever.

2. Facebookers can share their cute or food pictures.

3. It feels good to have other players (users) to like and comment on each and every of the posting.

4. It’s fun to watch Tom the Talking Cat pretending to report on social issues or making of fun other people.

5. It’s quite easy to be famous for less than 15 minutes, if not seconds.

6. It’s a social platform where anyone can contribute a diverse ranges of unedited stories; not just petty crimes that appear daily in the local papers’ frontpage.

7. It’s an Internet-based platform you can find unfiltered, not-yet-regulated news content, that you cannot find on local newspapers and particularly TVs. People find TVs brilliantly boring, if not biased.

8. It’s easy to create an account just only to favorite a political party’s Facebook Page. Or to comment on sensational issue or to help spread propaganda. It’s also easier to be anonymous to spread e-leaflets than in offline world.

9. It’s what makes people to become philosophers by sharing their favorite, famous figures’ quotes.

10. It’s where you express your loneliness or show off your happy moments by becoming an amateur poets.

11. It’s where marketers and politicians, who are both liars and not liars, to spread their messages, so that their prospect customers and supporters can have a good stories to lie to themselves.

12. Facebook is a wonderful wake-up call for those who are not so open to be more open.

At the time of writing this blog post, there are 1,120,000 people who live in Cambodia who are reportedly Facebook users (according to a Facebook section that allows you to advertise your brands or Page on the world’s most popular site). This figure from Facebook is for business purposes. So please do not be surprised for having ghost accounts here. Any Facebook profile accounts with great names like ‘Jayavarman the great’ or ‘Cutest Cat’ were all created by human beings, not robots.

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