I’m in Siem Reap this week long to help some friends co-organizing BlogFest.Asia ’12. It had been some good months (up and down) transforming ideas and networks into a regional events of bloggers from all over Asia.

I went to Hong Kong in November 2009 for the first BlogFest.Asia, where some amazing bloggers got fellowship to get there and meet.

This year, fortunately, my friends and I could really get netizens from neighboring nations to spend some days in Cambodia’s ancient town.

The first day of the event makes it possible for bloggers to explore tourists spots as well local places in Siem Reap. Once they returned from the trip, they can submit their blog essays for a competition, “My Impressions of Siem Reap”.

The following days, from November 2 – 5, they will have chances to interact with and learn from some experts as well among their peers. Some sessions I wish I could attend:

    Practical Aspects of Internet Empowerment: Gender, Language & Civic Engagement by David Issakson
    Why your blog is your best resume by Preetam Rai, Apple distinguished educator
    Inspiring Bloggers by Ngamchalee Parichatra (Cookie)
    Self-publishing through blogging by Rachna Im & Anandita Puspitasari

Early registration at the BlogFest venue at Build Bright University

More about this event here: http://2012.blogfest.asia
Twitter: @blogfestasia12
Facebook Page: