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Japan’s faculty of wonder

on March 19, 2011, no comments

Japan: Wondering About the Meaning of Life: Global Voices Online To Live To live, to live now, means to become thirsty, to be dazzled by the sun filtering through the tree leaves, to unexpectedly remember a melody, to sneeze, to join hands with you. To live, to live now, means miniskirts, planetariums, Johann Strauss, Picasso, […]

Disaster Sushi Set

on March 18, 2011, no comments

Sipping his sake and eating his “Disaster Sushi Set,” a local construction planning company president reminds me and my colleague that modern Japanese descend from samurai warriors and kamikaze pilots who were willing, without complaint, to meet their fate. The bearded, smiling Takeshi Munakata says he believes in Japan and Japanese technology to pull the […]

But looting isn’t happening in Japan

on March 16, 2011, no comments Looting is something we see after almost every tragedy; for example: last year’s earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, the floods in England in 2007, and of course Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. It happens when some people who’ve seen life as they know it get tossed out the window feel that all morality has […]