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17 years later…

on December 23, 2007, 3 comments

It took British writer and author J. K. Rowling 17 years to complete the Harry Potter fantasy series. One would say this is such a long journey. Her work, of course, grabs worldwide attention; she becomes of one the greatest writers living. Here in Phnom Penh, Em Satya, a Cambodian novelist illustrator, has to wait […]

What makes a team?

on December 22, 2007, no comments

In football world, to appoint a new manager or a coach a number of aspects have to be considered. It’s always a tough job to any appointing committee to get the right person for the job, particularly in England, where media are too influential. Not only that the manager has skills, but his history that […]

The weight of the world

on December 15, 2007, no comments

“Who is John Galt?” Is it a cheap American slang? Atlas Shrugged is the last Ayn Rand’s novel that I’m currently reading, shortly after The Fountainhead. My friend Geoffrey Cain asked me whether I had read Atlas Shrugged when I posted some notes about The Fountainhead. Bigger in scope than the previous book, Ayn the […]