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My London Experience in Pictures

It was, for the first time in my longest distance travel in life, I flew to London of the United Kingdom. From Phnom Penh airport, formerly Pochentong airport, I took a flight to Bangkok, and transited at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, and then reached Heathrow airport of London. For the first time to fly, I traveled to one of the greatest cities. Months later I still feel it was a dream, an unforgetable unique travel experience I ever had. I stayed four nights in the city, just two weeks before the new year eve.

Some selective photo I shot in London in December 2005 with my SRL Nikon F75.

My Days in London
One late afternoon at the Buckingham Palace.

My Days in London
Reuters world headquarter building–on my way to the day-long conference.

My Days in London
At the conference, Enthan Zuckerman, co-founder of Global Voices Online, talking with American participant, Jordan from Poland.

My Days in London
Jane Perrone of English newspaper Guardian Unlimited speaking.

My Days in London
A Chinese man with his laptop on his lap. And in behind, Robert Scoble, famous Microsoft geek. He also co-authored a recently published book ‘Naked Conversations’.

My Days in London
At Reuters world headquarter–the Reuters badge next to its building.

My Days in London
Paddington station in the background, London bus, and the man walking–an Arsenal fan. It is in front of Hilton Hotel–where I stayed.

My Days in London
A view of the river Thames. Walking on the Millennium Bridge, the first new bridge across the river in London since Tower Bridge opened in 1894, to the Tate Modern art gallery on Bankside.

My Days in London
Trees in Kensington Park.

My Days in London
Arsenal vs. Chealsea. And almost everything, including the food, is very expensive.

My Days in London
Bike cycle in London.

My Days in London
An evening at Picadilly Circus.

My Days in London
Almost everywhere in the Reuters building: News.

My Days in London
At a cafe nearby the meeting place. Tian Sun, London-based Chinese student in black and Samuel Klein, Harvard fellow.


  1. Good experience!

    I always dream to go to London one day. I hope this dream will come true very soon.


  2. isn’t it a lovely city? Though everything is WAY OVERPRICED, it’s still a good experience to be there at least once in a life time….

  3. thanks for the pictures, very beautiful, have never been to London.


  4. heard that the hotel is very expensive, isn’t it?
    never been there either, but maybe one day,
    who knows?

  5. Brings back nice memories

  6. >> You should make it. And don’t forget to share your travel experience with us.

    >> It is worth to visit the city. I like it much as I have just realized that it is the world’s most largest media city.

    >> My UK visa did not allow me to travel to the Netherlands or Germany. That’s strange for me. What is EU?

    >> I stayed at hotel for two nights, and two more at the Oxford Street youth hostel.

    >> It is good to recollect the beautiful past time.

  7. Thanks for ur great pictures.
    hope u share a lot of pictures later !!

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