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Transform Bloodshed into Beautiful Arts

on August 24, 2005, 2 comments

Weapons once used as instruments of war are now being remade into sculptures that inspire peace. See more photos in the photo gallery. “The training has made me realise that weapons should not be used as a means to solve problems. They are better turned into works of art which tell people in the world […]

Looking for Button Graphic for Khmer Unicode Font, Moyura, and Mekhala,

on August 23, 2005, no comments

I have just suggested KhmerOS project to launch an online campaign to spread the words of Khmer Unicode Fonts and Khmer Language Software. To begin with, I am going to first start with small. Camboda bloggers and Internet users play an important role in telling their friends and other users. Now we are looking for […]

Cambodian Driver Chose Blog as Marketing Tool

on August 23, 2005, one comment

“By using my services as a driver directly while visiting Angkor or recommending me to friends you will be supporting local people as well as receiving a high quality service.” Have a look at his weblog: Not surprisingly to see a taxi driver ingeniously make use of blog as an advertising tool for his […]