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Cambodian Driver Chose Blog as Marketing Tool

“By using my services as a driver directly while visiting Angkor or recommending me to friends you will be supporting local people as well as receiving a high quality service.”

Have a look at his weblog:

Not surprisingly to see a taxi driver ingeniously make use of blog as an advertising tool for his small business. There may be more creative ways from other Cambodian people to feature in this site. Until next time, stay tune.

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Why Gradudated Students Unemployed?

What is going to happen when more and more young college graduated students are without jobs? Not making use of what we have is a waste. Young people are, as always, full of energy and enthusiasm. Too often, they want to participate in social development. After finishing high school, most of them pay for college fee in a hope that they will find works, while supporting their living, also contributing the nation.

Young adult Cambodians find it difficult to get jobs. As a matter of fact, it is very common that they talk about less job availabilities, concerned education quality, and not transparent in job hiring. Some common problems they often encounter and believe the factor of failure in being employed are lacking of necessary skills, work experience, and no relatives or nobody to back them for job in company and institution employers. Importance of English skills and other required languages such as French, Chinese and Thai, computer literate, and work experience play a major part in getting a paid job.

Some students from wealthy family try to graduate from two or three colleges at once, or one after another. It is possible, in Cambodia, to enter a university to major in a specific field in the morning, in another one in the afternoon, and in the other one in the evening. Most stories are always about rich and poor. Students from provinces, in a large numbers, are not well-afforded to spend for four years college. As many universities have been well-established in Phnom Penh, they leave rural lives to the capital city for higher education. For some, their parents have to sell cows and farm lands for long term investment of their children, after graduate they may get jobs. It is worth to choose this way. Why not? At least knowledge cannot be stolen, unlike money.

I recently have met several Agriculture College students, in Phnom Penh and Kampong Chhnang. They find it tough to be employed. The country, as many economists and experts have said, has a lot to take advantage from agriculture sector, from its rich national resources.

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A Famous Vlogger of Cambodia

Beth Kanter, up till today, has interviewed three Cambodian people about blogging. The last one is a famous video blogger, in short Vlogger. She was featured on the New York Times weeks ago.

Wanna recently excerpted an interesting post, which was written by a Vietnamese blogger in response to the popularity of blogging in Cambodia.

Today, I read an article “Blogs taking off in Cambodia” with big surprise. So far, I as many Viets always adopt a thought that among Southeast-Asia Nations, Vietnam is more than Cambodia and Laos in various fields. As a matter of fact, the thought must be reconsidered.

In Cambodia, there’re voluteers to teach people how to create weblog, eventhough their Internet access seems not widely known. Cambodia even has its own Wiki’s page, listing Clogs (Cambodian Blogs). It’s much more surprise to me when having learned that the former king, Sihanouk , has his own website. Seemingly in Vietnam, there’re no leaders owning websites. (Assuming they have websites) it would help the leaders move closer to its people. Why don’t we set a campaign, promoting Blogs in Vietnam, and advertise to the World as Cambodia? And, we could, at the mean time, voice to the World to know more about Vietnam. Nevertheless, Blogs don’t all bring goodies. China has to intervene, keeping its citizen’s blogs under control. Finally and generally, I still feel pity for Blog Viet.

I am also looking toward to see more Cambodian Podcasters in the next article.

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Traveling in Kampong Chhnang

Lives and Business on Boats

Muddy Market

French Building

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Barangs Learn Khmer

And do you?
Manur and Beth are both learning Khmer. They type Khmer Unicode font to learn the language. Manur writes: “ខ្ងុំរៀននិយាយនិងរៀនសរសេរខ្មែរពីរឆ្នាំហើយ។”

Sowanna, Somongkol, Kalyan, ដាញ់ ហុង and Serasak are all Cambodians and keen to write Khmer on their weblog. More Cambodia bloggers will be able to read and write Khmer without so much troubles. And it would be good to have a small nice icon forKhmer UNICODE font download on our blog. Anyone volunteer to design and give us code to place on our blog template?

Whether you are either an American or an European citizen, in Cambodia local people call you: Barang (French). Mainly they mean you are a French. This is, as far I know, implied the history of Cambodia under the French colonialism. This does not necessary mean racism or whatever. Most kids prefer to call this, especially when they know a Barang speaks Khmer.

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