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Remembrance Week Dec 26-Jan 1

on December 26, 2005, no comments

An e-mail from Dina Last year, on the 26th December, an earthquake, and then a tsunami, killed, wounded, or impoverished hundreds of thousands of people in South Asia. During the course of the year, other disasters took their toll too. Most devastating of them: Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on the South-East coast of the USA; […]

Request for Participation in a Survey on ASEAN Foundation

on December 23, 2005, no comments

An e-mail from Clara Lila at InterMatrix Communications in Jakarta, Indonesia Request for Participation in Survey We only have few respondents from Cambodia, your participation in this survey is very much needed Dear Tharum , My name is Lila and I am working at InterMatrix Communications at Jakarta, Indonesia. I have your name and contact […]

Cambodia: Voices from Cambodian blogosphere

on December 18, 2005, no comments

Ministry of Information has ordered all radio and television stations to stop reading news article of print newspapers. This move is considered as an attempt to maintain professional journalism in the country. News readers read some selected press articles and make personal comments for their radio and television broadcasting. Since most people find it difficult […]

Intel enters Cambodia

on December 17, 2005, 8 comments

Erik Wasson, an Associate Editor of The Cambodia Daily wrote on Friday, December 16, 2005, that ‘Intel Plants Flag in Cambodia, Seeks to Develop New Market.’ US-based firm Intel has stepped into Cambodia with prospect to transform narrow market of computer users of the country. Despite low number of computer users and high Internet access […]