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Something inside Football

on June 25, 2004, no comments

Some of the favorite teams have gone home since they are not qualified for the quarter final. Spain, Italia and German are expected to go further. But this is football. Many say: on the pitch, anything can happen. It is a pity to see England defeated by the host team, Portugal. Nobody can tell judgement […]

Most of My Friends

on June 25, 2004, no comments

Time that has gone away with joy and pain… What we remain is only a word that goes: friendship. Some pictures of my friends and classmates at: university highschool colleagues: Virak and Sinin One of the reasons to have this weblog is to re-establish connection with old friends. I can be reached by eMail.

Hotmail counters Google e-mail

on June 25, 2004, no comments

Close-up of inside of hard drive, Eyewire Hotmail is boosting the amount of storage space for users of both its free and paid e-mail service. From July the basic Hotmail allowance will be boosted to 250MB and paying customers will get two gigabytes. The move is widely seen as a response to Google’s GMail service […]

Our High School Life since Early 2000 up till Nowadays

on June 21, 2004, one comment

Back in the early 2000 it was my time as a high school boy. I had a lot of fun with classmates at Beng Trabek high school for about 3 years. So many things we enjoyed. We had competition, joys and disputes at class. We took free time out and had fun. I can recall […]

Cambodia: Microsoft vs Open Source

on June 17, 2004, no comments

Microsoft Eyes Southeast Asia (AP) The long-running legal battles between Microsoft Corp. and governments in Europe and the United States make the company look like a partner in a bad marriage, ready to walk out and call the divorce lawyer. — As Microsoft turns its intention to Asia, this can be good and bad news. […]