Holland vs Germany

It will be another big match after England failed to compete France. Holland is my favorite. I hope the team will do well in the match against Germany. There are many Dutch players playing for big clubs outside their home country. So they are capable to do something. This is about experiencing. Unlike England, many English players play in the country.

Yahoo to launch 100MB free e-mail

Yahoo on Tuesday will begin offering 100MB of extra storage for users of its free e-mail service as part of an overall redesign of its mail service.
When there is competitive, there is a change in term of benefit of users. I hope Open Source will help to change the way Microsoft introduce its pricing strategy, one-price-strategy-fits-for-all. Then developing nations will have choices. Thanks to Google for this move.

Cambodian children drop school

Nearly 200.000 Cambodian children drop school according a local news, the Cambodia News report today. Education for All, a policy hopes to achieve in 2015 is being implemented. But as the statistic indicates this high rate when compare other countries in South East Asia, then this is a great concern. Several factors have been blamed, the most serious one is poverty that lead to this. What are those children going to be? Education plays a vital role to pave the way for development in Cambodia.

Repeated History for English Football

Until the last minute, experienced France team claimed victory over England with 2-1. It is like a war. Victory is in the last minute. England respects, but not fear. Yes, they were very impressive to lead a goal. But, Beck proved again a mistake. I think media treated him too much. Many other players play far better than him, but have not been treated very well. And Zidane still maintains his world best play. He is yet a player of this 21st century.

Football for Fun

The team was formed few years ago. Mostly we play at the weekend. First, we had England National Team shirts. Later on, we replaced with Inter Milan FC shirts.

We are not world class players. We play football for fun.
Although we cannot win most of the games, but we put much confidence in most of the matches. We learn to coordinate among the team members. It is hard, but it is job of the players.