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Month: June 2004 (page 2 of 9)

Something inside Football

Some of the favorite teams have gone home since they are not qualified for the quarter final. Spain, Italia and German are expected to go further. But this is football. Many say: on the pitch, anything can happen.

It is a pity to see England defeated by the host team, Portugal. Nobody can tell judgement of the refee was fair or not. And many suggests video replay would be good for evidence. As recently our King Norodom Sihanouk, a fan of France National Team wrote in his royal message about this as well. He refers that a match is much influenced by the referee.

Anyway, I am still happy to see Holland the Czech reach quarter final.

Most of My Friends

Time that has gone away with joy and pain… What we remain is only a word that goes: friendship.

Some pictures of my friends and classmates at:

One of the reasons to have this weblog is to re-establish connection with old friends. I can be reached by eMail.

Hotmail counters Google e-mail

Close-up of inside of hard drive, Eyewire
Hotmail is boosting the amount of storage space for users of both its free and paid e-mail service.

From July the basic Hotmail allowance will be boosted to 250MB and paying customers will get two gigabytes.

The move is widely seen as a response to Google’s GMail service which gives all users a gigabyte of storage to keep all their messages.

It is probably another good news for webmail users. Is it an outcome of a competition? Google has announced to introduce Gmail with 1Gb strorage, Yahoo quickly responded to offer to all its users up to 100mb. And now, the last rival one, Hotmail will soon provide up to 250Mb. What else? Let’s wait and see…

Our High School Life since Early 2000 up till Nowadays

Back in the early 2000 it was my time as a high school boy. I had a lot of fun with classmates at Beng Trabek high school for about 3 years. So many things we enjoyed. We had competition, joys and disputes at class. We took free time out and had fun. I can recall some times we visited Prek Loung. It was where one of our classmates owns a house. It took about less than an hour to drive motorbike and took a ferry to get there. It was not a comfort road after we got away from the city. And it was much awful in rainy season. But, probably there were nothing to stop us when we commit to reach where we wish to. The house was located not far from a river. We brought some vegetables, meat and fruits for making food. We did cooking for lunch and enjoy those nice dishes. Later we went to the river to have ourself refreshed. And we backed home. Beyond this, we were regularly on the pitch. We love football, too. We played football a lot at school, but there were not always fields available for us. There were also several fields at Ponhea Hok school. Once, in July 1997 we heard heavy gun exchanges while we were on the pitch. We were a bit fear although we did not witness the scence. So everyone just had to go home.

After graduated school, we did not each others. But yesterday we met again and visited Prek Loung once again. Mech Hay and Virak initially made an appointment to gather at Beng Keng Kang Secondary School. Pyseth rang me early weekend to meet them at 7 o’clock on Sunday morning. I forwarded this to Vichet and Sokuntha, but only Vichet joined us. The day came, Hay and Virak were there on time, I was bit late as I watched football until late night. Hai Sean walked from his house to the place. He has not changed so much, his appearance. Later on, Pyseth, Sokchea, Sorya, Vanthavy, Socheat (Noun), Veasna (Khem) and his female partner, and the last one Chou Lysang. Hay called Ou Chantheavy. It was answered, but none talk back to him. Lim Heang agreed to joined, but was unable to reach through phone call on the day. Thanks to Virak and Hay for made this happen.

We had lunch there, we went to take a look at the river, to see how things changed. We played card, and there were so much fun. We had joke and laugh. In the afternoon, at about 4 o’clock we arrived back, but not yet to home. More fun to have, after acrossed the ferry, we continued to head to Prekleap. It is where people prefer to have corn as extra food. We took few more hours there, sitting, eating and joking. Everyone went to their own places, probably at every corners of Phnom Penh.

It has been years after graduating from high school, and everyone has to do things on their own. We are no longer high school students. We do not have much time together as before. Some are now university students, business owners, and employees for company and non-profit organization. It how life moves on. And we are far away from each others, despite Phnom Penh is not very big one. It is a lot better, however, as we can easily communicate with one to another via ceil phone. Most of us own these mobile devices now, if compare it to four or five years ago is very different.

As long as we are on earth, we are friends as always. No matters what happen, we share our sympathy, loves and respects. Friend is probably a given complement to everyone.

I have just revised this story as suggested by a friend, Chhun Hour, to have more things he was so curious. It is a bit sad he was not with us, but I am trying as much as possible to have the story covered.

Cambodia: Microsoft vs Open Source

Microsoft Eyes Southeast Asia
(AP) The long-running legal battles between Microsoft Corp. and governments in Europe and the United States make the company look like a partner in a bad marriage, ready to walk out and call the divorce lawyer.

As Microsoft turns its intention to Asia, this can be good and bad news. When we are about working with a man, let’s first take a look at his history. This is crucial that Microsoft now want to expand a huge business in Asia.

I think Cambodia would never be able to opt for Microsoft products as the giant company introduces one-price-fits-all strategy. However, poor nations can still have alternatives. Open Source is something assisting poor countries and probably help to change the way Microsoft behaves its pricing.

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