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School story

on June 30, 2015, no comments

In the late 1980s, schooling was not about affordability. There was just no choice. Just some years after the Khmer Rouge regime, being able to go to a public school, about five minutes walk from home, was a luxury.

Back then, unofficial playgrounds were everywhere. As a kid, I could spend most of the time outdoor with other kids in my neighborhood.

Fast forward to 2015. Public schools are publicly known for providing lower, if not poor, quality than private ones. There are many choices when going through the long list of private schools. It’s about affordability.

These days, kids are very protected for safety and security reasons. Increasingly, kids spend time in their homes playing games on their iPad.

Mekong ICT Camp: 2008 – 2015

on June 23, 2015, no comments

I’m probably one among a few people who have participated in this regional ICT events. The first time I took part, I was a participant. That year, in 2008, I came back home to initiate the first BarCamp Phnom Penh. As the Mekong ICT Camp is a bi-yearly event, I continue to involve in the event in a different capacity. I’m now on the board of this #MKICT, which has helped nurtured the next-generation of technologists in the Lower Mekong countries, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Education in Myanmar: a sad story

on June 22, 2015, no comments

Burmese cartoonist Nyan Kyal Say tells the tale of education in Myanmar in just 3 minutes. This is a fascinating story to get more attentions from the overcrowded social media sphere and the world of information overloaded.

Via: The Asia Correspondent