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This is Phnom Penh

on July 23, 2015, no comments

Phnom Penh houses
Some shots I took some years ago. Uploaded to Google Photos, the cloud-based software does its magic animation.
Where: I was on the top roof of Sorya Shopping Center
When: 19 Jun 2008 (Thu, 16:52)
Camera: Nikon D60

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Cambodia’s buildings of the future?

on July 19, 2015, no comments

Phnom Penh is undeniably Cambodia’s city of two tales. The two news stories (below) were published at about the same time, although in different media outlets. The first story takes on how a commercial, business-owned skyscraper, is doing well or not. The second story is about looking for more funding to erect a new iconic building.  

In the Guardian, a hilarious headline: Inside Phnom Penh’s empty new skyscraper: ‘This is only for excellencies’. The author, Poppy McPherson, went in great length to question The Vattanac Capital tower, which was described as “the tallest building in one of the world’s poorest countries – has an occupancy rate below 30%. Customers at its high-end boutiques are likely to be ‘excellencies’, members of Cambodia’s ultra-rich elite of business tycoons and MPs. So, what is the point of such a building?”

The other story, in the Phnom Penh Post, Harriet Fitch Little wrote “Big task ahead for Sleuk Rith genocide centre”.

According to estimates made by US-based consultant company Beacon Fire, the project currently appears to need somewhere in the region of $40 million, although Youk said he believed some of their costings to be excessive.

Dr Markus Zimmer, senior adviser to the institute and the man who originally reached out to Hadid, said that design efforts had been put on hold for approximately six months so that the focus could be on fundraising.

Wedu: Social impact meets talent development

on July 16, 2015, no comments

Once in a while I get email messages from my readers who want to share some cool new stuff they’re working on. Isabel Perucho of Wedu sent me this video a week ago:

You can learn more how Wedu wants to unlock the next generation of women leaders.

Isabel wrote:

Though we are based in Bangkok and operate in nine other countries, our biggest community of Rising Stars is in Cambodia: we have seen several of these women starting the program as young students flourish and develop into the leaders they promise to be, and now they are empowering other young women in their villages!

Machine and man

on July 14, 2015, no comments

Machine: What’s the purpose of life on the planet?

Man: To live individually

Machine: Why?

Man: Man—every man—is an end in himself, not a means to the ends of others.

Machine: How?

Man: He must live for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself; he must work for his rational self-interest.

Machine: Really?

Man: With the achievement of his own happiness as the highest moral purpose of his life.

Machine: Why individualism?

Man: It’s how self-made men move the world.

Machine: Who are you?

Man: I’m an individualist.